Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most frequently asked questions about SIL certification.

No, IEC 61508 does not require ISO 9001 certification, but this is nevertheless preferable, as it facilitates process review and shortens the timeframe for audits and the issuing of the SIL certificate.

The functional safety certificate lasts from 3 to 5 years depending on the complexity of the product and the production process.

The functional safety certificate does not require any actions and maintenance costs on the part of the customer.

If no changes are made to the product and the production process related to functional safety, the SIL certificate can be renewed, and therefore be validly extended.

No, but potential changes to the product during the duration of the certificate must be reported in writing to the certification body and made with its authorization. The certificate is only reviewed after changes to the product or production process that affect functional safety.

No, after revision the duration of the functional safety certificate is not extended.

BYHON offers the possibility to certify both products not yet on the market and products already on the market. In the case of products already on the market, the SIL certificate has no retroactive value, it will only cover units manufactured after the certificate has been issued.

Yes, BYHON manages the validation not only of hardware, but also of application software/firmware related to safety functions, a capacity that today makes us an excellent globally recognized certification body.

The SIL certificate issued by BYHON is usable internationally and contains all relevant information for the customer. IEC 61508 also requires the drafting of the Safety Manual and the Functional Safety Assessment report. The BYHON certificate is a self-supporting certificate that also contains the essential information related to the Safety Manual and Functional Safety Assessment report.