What is ISASecure® Certification

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ISASecure® is a third-party conformity assessment scheme based on the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards aimed at Industrial cyber Security certification of IACS systems, such as DCS and SCADA.

ISASecure® certification scheme

ISASecure® is a third-party conformity assessment scheme based on the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards aimed at cybersecurity certification of IACS systems, such as DCS and SCADA.
A third-party conformity assessment scheme is also known as a certification scheme.

The goal of the ISA/IEC62443 Series is to improve Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) using a risk-based, methodical, and complete process throughout the entire lifecycle, through the implementation of:

  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Confidentiality


Without people who are sufficiently trained, without risk-appropriate technologies and adequate security measures, an IACS exponentially increases its vulnerability to a cyber-attack.


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The owner and developer of the ISASecure® Certification Scheme is the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI), a non-profit corporation that sets rules and procedures that identifies the types of products and processes being assessed, identifies the specified requirements and provides the methodology to perform certification.

ISCI offers three certifications with three security assurance levels in alignment with ISA/IEC 62443.

  1. ISASecure Component Security Assurance (CSA) Certification
  2. ISASecure System Security Assurance (SSA) Certification
  3. ISASecure Security Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA) Certification


Who issues the certification

While ISCI develops and maintains the Certification Scheme, it does not perform the certification itself.

This is done by an ISASecure® Certification Body, which is an organization that specializes in third-party conformity assessments. Certification bodies are accredited by an accreditation body based on the ISO/IEC 17065 standard, which addresses topics such as confidentiality and impartiality in the certification process.

ISASecure® Certificate issued by a Certification Body is globally recognized and demonstrates that the applicable ISA/IEC 62443 requirements have been met.


In the world, there are only five ISASecure accredited Certification Bodies, including us, BYHON.

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